O.E. Brand Ball Joint Improvements Over OE Parts

Apr 2022 | Tech Bulletins

Improving O.E.Brand Quality by Design

Ball Joints are a critical component of the chassis system. That’s why O.E.Brand by FPD ball joints and ball joint containing components offer several critical improvements to provide better performance and dependability. O.E.Brand by FPD is committed to providing premium OE equivalent parts at a superior value!

Improvements on the OE Design Include:

  1. Single-Piece Forged Housings: Provide added strength and stability
  2. Compressed Assembly: Reduces multidirectional play – maintaining a tight and proper range of motion
  3. Durable Neoprene Boots: Increases the life of the ball joint by reducing dirt and contaminant intrusion
  4. Grease Grooves Machined into Ball or Bearing: For even grease distribution, smooth operation and improved life span
  5. Superior Metallurgy: Premium hardened steel alloys provide a harder more resilient ball and stud
  6. Oversized Ball Head: Improves impact absorption and load distribution
  7. Greaseable Designs: Installer preferred grease fittings allow for easy lubrication and contaminant flushing; each ball joint comes preloaded with high-grade molybdenum disulfide grease, which is used to reduce friction and improve articulation even in high-temperature undercar conditions
  8. Enhanced Internal Design: Metal-spring or a Porous Powdered Metal Sintered Bearing design allows for smooth operation, improved load distribution and a longer life
  9. Complete with All Accessories: For an easy convenient installation

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